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Welcome to the Iceni microscopy study group…

 Burgh Apton Village Hall – New Venue
Willowherb Pollen – Photograph taken by Lewis Woolnough at our recent day on stacking and stitching photographs.
Honey bee sting – stacked image taken by Lewis Woolnough during our recent photography day
Fairy Fly Mount by Jill Tinsey photograph Brian Norman

From Iceni 2011 Slide Competition.

Microscopy in action

Iceni Microscopy Study Group

Report of the Meeting on 1-11-14 at Bergh Apton

Although some of our regular attendees were at the National Honey Show, or otherwise engaged, there was a good turn-out of about 15 people; we were pleased to welcome two new visitors.

Following a general introduction to the Fungi by Lewis and a demonstration of mounting in lactophenol (with cotton blue stain), there was a busy slide-preparation session. It was very pleasing that everyone left with some nice preparations of fungal material – hyphae, a variety of spores, etc. Jeremy contributed a portion of cow-dung with fungal growths on the surface and, thanks to Stephen’s discovery, we were able to mount some samples which demonstrated the structure of asci and paraphyses very nicely. One comment heard was to the effect that Jeremy obviously had this “off pat”! Muriel and Maureen again did a splendid job with the catering and it seems that everyone enjoyed the meeting.

Notes on the Fungi and a slide-preparation protocol are posted on this web-site. There is also some specific material about Yeasts and the mounting of them.

Lewis Woolnough.

Fungi Introduction

Mounting Fungal Material in Lactophenol

Microscopical Examination of Yeast

Mounting Yeast Gram Staining

Our first meeting of 2014 was staged at a new venue, Bergh Apton Village Hall. This is recently refurbished and provides splendid facilities.


   This session was about various aspects of photography for microscopists, including an introduction to the creation of stereo pairs from stacked “mono” images (from both compound and stereo. instruments) using a facility provided in the “Helicon Focus” package. Each member present was able to work on her / his own project, related to their particular priorities and Brian cleverly provided support and encouragement, as required.

   Once again, splendid refreshments were provided by our dedicated team of helpers and their help is very much appreciated.


2-day Microscopy Course – Designed for Beekeepers by Beekeepers.

This was a great success

Group has success at the Eric Marston Awards 2011
We are a group of amateur bee keepers with a common interest in microscopy.  We meet monthly near the Norfolk/Suffolk border in the UK in order to further skills in slide preparation (insect parts, pollen etc) and the use of the microscope.

Our aims are to
* promote the welfare of bees within East Anglia.
* offer training in the use of optical microscopes.
* stimulate microscopical study and activities.
* encourage and support people taking the BBKA microscopical examination.