Red Mason Bee

Flight period March to early June

These little bees are a very good pollinator - starting early in the day and working till late in the evening.

I have started making Observation Hives for the Red Mason Bee Osmia Rufa.

If you would like one - I am taking them to the Suffolk Show (Bee Tent) - on sale for £14.

or contact Brian Norman at tel 07973678501

If you would like to see the Bees working then I am in Geldeston - just North of Beccles.

Below picture of Mason Bee on Strawberry Flower

Bee on Flower

Bee adding pollen to cell

Osmia Rufa adding pollen

Showing cell with pollen and egg - sealed with mud.

Masonry bee cell

Observation Hive

Observation Hive

Observation Hive open

Inside an observation hive

Showing cells in an earlier version of the observation hive

Osmia Rufa observation beehive